Visual Research | Instagram Redux

Just a few thoughts posted to Instagram on September 1, about Instagram, photography, mystery, secrecy, and visual research.

This quote by photographer, Diane Arbus, really resonates with me.

‘A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you, the less you know.’ D.A.

During my photography studies and visual research days/nights this summer, I thought a lot about what purpose Instagram serves as a platform, at least for those of us using this tool as an open journal of sorts, beyond strategic communications, marketing, and retail capabilities.

Some times we are connected on IG in very real ways, some times not so much.

I like this idea of sharing a ‘secret about a secret,’ as it is reminiscent of the original nature/mystery of @instagram and the ways that one could be more subtle or cryptic about what is ultimately posted. In the end, we are essentially sharing photos, and it is interesting to think about how these photos actually impact us, lure us in, repulse us, or make us react to who we ‘follow’ or are ‘followed’ by.

‘The more it tells you, the less you know.’ This is my takeaway.

During times when we need greater connectivity and true action offline, I am thinking about how my own documentation and sharing revolves in space. What secrets are embedded within as a form of steering away from overexposure and propagated falsehoods.

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