‘Terrain | Notes’ for 2023

The LAND / an art site retrospective publication | photographed at Abigail Doan | studio

In 2008, I was an essay contributor to The LAND/an art site’s retrospective catalogue. This text was a follow on to my 2006 residency at The LAND in Mountainair, New Mexico, and a republishing of a piece called, Returning to and from THE LAND: Connectivity and Crafting Residency, that appeared in Landviews Journal of Landscape, Art, & Design (2007).

Close to fifteen years later, I am in the midst of writing and assembling photographs for a publication that expands on ideas that first took root in this original essay.

The upcoming edition will include reflections on my childhood on a family farm in New York State’s Hudson Valley, summers spent exploring tide pools and island living in coastal Maine, travels in rural (agricultural) communities globally, and observations while traversing terrain in the American West. In these personal accounts, I will explore ‘wildness’ as an instinctive trait and possible direction for the realities we collectively face in the contemporary natural world.

I will publish preview passages on Medium throughout 2023.



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Abigail Doan | Studio

projects and writing exploring the intersections of site-specific, landscape phenomena and art lab/design methodologies.