The LAND an art site artist residency | New Mexico | Abigail Doan

Re-seeding Ideas and Regeneration

One of the great things about taking time off from one’s creative work is that materials seem so much fresher when one returns to projects that have been put on hold. There is an opportunity to reseed older pieces with fertile and often more resilient ideas.

My studio practice used to consist mostly of works on paper: pencil drawings, diagrams, and collage/mixed media pieces created with recycled documents and flotsam. Highlighting the particles and ethereal bits inherent to the life cycle of paper was also part of this investigative process and narrative.

Regeneration requires deep inspection as well as risk (playfulness). I have to remind myself to trust letting go, attempt the weaving of new solutions, and even toss things to the wind.

To work with nature or in partnership with the atmosphere is a direction that feels necessary for these times. A collaborative effort with what might work and what no longer works for the terrain ahead.

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