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Abigail Doan | Studio
2 min readJan 29, 2024
Abigail Doan studio | Lost in Fiber Library in NYC

Some have asked in person and from afar, what is Lost in Fiber Library exactly? Is it an actual library, a mini-museum, a residency opportunity, a bookselling platform even?

It is true. I like to keep things a bit open-ended (mysterious), as the library label serves an archive of sorts where I stash artifacts, (fiber/cloth/organic) materials, catalogues/documentation from past collaborations/art projects, and inspiration for the future. The library is also a space in my home studio that shape shifts all of the time.

I do collect books (a lot of books), and I rotate the books in my space as way to spark new ideas or rather see possible connections between various disciplines. My art/academic studies have been interdisciplinary, and it is these connective threads (and cognitive fibers) that interest me.

Favorite new book in the library | Capturing Nature: 150 Years of Nature Printing

I typically welcome individuals into the library to have conversations in person, discuss projects that they are working on, and in turn, I often suggest books that I sense might spark new ideas for them. I hope to grow the library in 2024 with more in-person offerings as well as online discussions.

quote from S,M,L,XL by O.M.A. with Rem Koolhass and Bruce Mau

In summary, a library is really a sanctuary, a vessel for all that we we might want to investigate and preserve. This one is a bit personal, so I hope that its intimacy opens up new creative pathways, inquiries, and dialogues for your practice, too. I encourage you to build your own ‘individual’ library to see where this takes you, what shapes or logic emerges.

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