Footnotes documentation from New Mexico and West Texas (2018) | Abigail Doan studio

Since I have been sitting still for days on end (while homeschooling middle schoolers and remotely managing projects for our foundation), I have been fortunate to have the time to sift through fifteen years or more of land-based photography as well as travel documentation. (Website updates are ongoing as well). As part of this process, I have created a new page on my site called, Fiber|Footnotes. I will be adding to these images and writings as I look ahead to a new documentation and book project for 2021.

Footnotes documentation | Abigail Doan studio

I like the idea of a footnote as an ancillary piece of (atmospheric) information or commentary on the main body of work or text. This notion fascinates me as we search for ways to better navigate our relationship with the environment and current socio-economic/cultural phenomena.

It’s the dust in the beams of light or the patina that prevails.

projects and writing exploring the intersections of site-specific, landscape phenomena and art lab/design methodologies.