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Abigail Doan | Studio
2 min readMay 3, 2021
‘Floating Vessels’ | feature on Plural Magazine (image: Abigail Doan studio)

I am pleased to share news of a recent studio profile and interview on Plural Magazine, written by Maryam Arshad, editor in chief of Floresta Magazine.

Plural Magazine’s mission is the following:

Due to the need to create a more responsible future through the awareness of more ethical and sustainable values, the Plural Magazine was created.

We are still far from achieving fully effective solutions. And the magazine believes that with the interaction of design, biology, and technology, it is possible to develop responsible materials that do not cause damage to the environment. Its articles and interviews aim to show processes and solutions that can open a dialogue on this current problem and inspire more people.

Plural Magazine aims to inform and share design and research projects. Our objective is to present new ideas, concepts, process, and materials. Disseminating and producing a comprehension of sustainable and responsible initiatives and also valuing craftsmanship and slow production.

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Abigail Doan | Studio

projects exploring the intersections of site-specific landscape phenomena, art lab/design methodologies, nature-based solutions, and cloth/textiles as metaphor