Farm Journal | Beginning, Again

Abigail Doan | Studio
2 min readJun 22, 2023


fields at dusk with June crops | photo: Abigail Doan studio

After several years of living along the shores of a lake, my home studio has transitioned to the edges of farm fields in New York State’s Hudson Valley.

plantings with shifting light along the barnsiding | photo: Abigail Doan studio

The daily wake up is in some ways similar to living along a body of water, as bird songs and morning beams gently stir the atmosphere and undulating surfaces of terrain, tilled soil, and barn siding planks.

soft palette range on the farm | photo: Abigail Doan studio

Even though I will be in Italy for a good portion of the summer, we are gradually settling in at this new property as a retreat for the next year.

Shifting closer to the Hudson River region offers a new palette as well as the opportunity to spot wild beings that roam the fields at dusk or dwell under farm structures and stone foundations.

the outlines of fence lines and a grazing resident | photo: Abigail Doan studio

This upcoming chapter will be one of reflection, but also an opportunity to build and (re) make new/old things. New collages, new textile pieces, new objects/tools, all linked to the past, my past, but also our collective future.

farm outbuilding at dusk | photo: Abigail Doan studio

It is the cultivation of a new beginning, and one to be shared with those who dwelled here long before and continue to, quietly, in stillness.

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