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Enviro | Footnotes @ Abigail Doan studio

Merritt Island refuge, Florida | photo: Abigail Doan studio

A select portfolio of documentary art photography and site-specific footnotes related to atmosphere, climate, terrain, and cultural preservation.

Past travels include Bhutan, Nepal, India, the Chihuahuan desert, Mexico, the Hopi Nation and the American southwest, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Serbia, Southeast Asia, Turkey, and remote locales globally.

Urban vegetation, New York City | photo: Abigail Doan studio
West Texas | photo: Abigail Doan studio
Abo Ruins, New Mexico | photo: Abigail Doan studio

“I love being outdoors or on the road surveying, traversing a site-specific zone, interfacing with and documenting the atmosphere and the terrain underfoot. These moments of immersion reveal details that often provide clues for the evolution of a project and the materials that feel essential. This is a collaborative process with the land and one that presents unexpected narratives.” studio interview on Floating Vessels for FAYD Digital (2021)

“I typically identify locales in conjunction with studio research that I am doing on historical events or cultural/environmental preservation outreach. This has led me to the Zumwalt Prairie in eastern Oregon during a residency at The Jennings Hotel, as well as to the ancient shepherding footpaths of the Rhodope Mountains of Bulgaria for the Haemimont Foundation. I also feel a need to return, time and time again, to the open spaces of the American West, as this geographical zone has played such a vital role in the Land Art movement.” studio interview on Walking Libraries for Moowon (2020)

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Abigail Doan | Studio

projects exploring the intersections of site-specific landscape phenomena, art lab/design methodologies, nature-based solutions, and cloth/textiles as metaphor