Earthkeepers Handbook | 2023

Abigail Doan | Studio
2 min readMay 9, 2023
Earthkeepers Handbook: Heal the Man, Heal the Land | an ecoartspace publication

I am excited to announce that Earthkeepers Handbook: Heal the Man, Heal the Land will be available in print as of June 2023. This 220 page handbook is a compilation of over 100 recipes and remedies, including manifestos and how-to directions, presented by over 100 ecoartspace members, all working collectively towards making the world a better place.

My Walking Libraries: recipe + remedy notes are included in this edition.

Learn more about Walking Libraries here.

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*Note regarding the title of this book: Heal the Man is a phrase that in this instance is more literal than in the Old English style. It is meant to refer to the active legacy of patriarchy and maleness/masculinity, which are intertwined with systemic racism and colonial extraction. These are deeply embedded systems or structures that have contributed to the demise of our interconnected relationship with the earth. As in Old English, Man means “person” or “human,” or men and women alike. Man, as it is used for this book focuses on the male aspects of being human, for all genders; the man inside us all, so we can begin the process of deconstructing what it means to be a man or manly in a world today facing epochal climate.

Front Cover Image (above): Susan Hoenig, “On Lenape Land,” 2022, black walnut on paper; awarded Indigenuity Prize by the Museum of Native American History, Bentonville, Arkansas, December 2022.

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