Cinder Garden at Craters of the Moon

Abigail Doan | Studio
1 min readJul 12, 2019
Otherworldly terrain at Craters of The Moon Monument and Preserve | Abigail Doan

[ from the archives | January 2008 ]

I had a dream about Craters of the Moon last night. The entire landscape was carpeted in a silvery violet snow. I was on assignment to knot and crochet an intricate net of sorts that would mesh with the soot-like volcanic soil.

Everything crackled under foot. There were no animals or bird sounds — just primordial bits of vegetation poking through the crusty top layer. I was lost in a cinder garden, trying to preserve the sensation of spring on the moon.


Craters of the Moon National Monument and Preserve is located near Arco, Idaho. I last visited in June 2005 when there was an unusual display of local wildflowers due to the abundant rain. The topsoil crackled under foot and lunar flora transported me to unexpected realms.

As I continue to go through my images archives and re-weave earlier ideas about atmosphere, placemaking, and now climate factors, these archived finds remind me of the thread to follow, however roundabout the journey.



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