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2 min readAug 17, 2023

This seems simple enough. Obvious perhaps, but as a reminder as to why looking, observing, and reflecting is important, I am putting this here.

Whether you are a fan of writer John Berger or not, I also think that it is important to highlight that he was living/working during a time when it was acceptable to be and do so many things: art critic, novelist, painter, poet, and more. His seminal book, Ways of Seeing, has been de rigueur in so many art history programs and also might be viewed as a thorn in the canon of Kenneth Clark’s Civilization art perspectives.

Leopold Kny, wall chart of botanical stem structures, 1874–1911

This summer I furthered my studio research via two principal chapters. The first phase involved delving into an overview of biomimicry thinking with Learn Biomimicry, a well-structured online program that explores the basic principles, systems, and possible natured-based solutions that biomimicry might inspire. The second phase was an intensive look at the value systems (cultural and natural) that are integral to sustainable fashion initiatives. These courses were with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion at London College of Fashion. I am now synthesizing the materials from both programs, as a reboot/update to cultural/environmental projects initiated with fashion(ing) A.D.

[ Future and past fashion(ing) projects are findable here. ]

[ I will also be updating research notes for the project here. ]

One of the most interesting articles that I read during this time was an interview with the anthropologist, Sandra Niessen, on the idea of ‘sacrifice zones’ in relation to sustainability. More to come, after more reflection.



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