2023 | Emerging Terrain


image: The ecological relations of roots | John E. Weaver (John Ernest), 1884–1996

2023 is wide open, although already densely populated with upcoming studio projects and travel.

The above diagram/image, from The ecological relations of roots archives, is one that I have had stashed away for so long. It feels fitting to have it resurface now, after so much practical groundwork and research for the emerging terrain ahead.

My updated website outlines the new directions and offshoots underway, and process images, research, and the environs of my studio are always viewable here.

I am grateful for the support of my creative community, past and present. This includes U.S. based Studio PRAIRIE, whose new residency program I will participate in this April. More details to come, including fashion(ing) experiments with cloth and my return to works on paper editions.

With love and wonder, A.



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projects and writing exploring the intersections of site-specific, landscape phenomena and art lab/design methodologies.